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What past entrants say

Bosinver Farm Cottages

Self Catering Establishment of the Year – Gold Award, Cornwall Tourism Awards 2014/5 and South West Excellence Awards 2014/15, South West Winner of Winners 2014/15

Sustainable Tourism – Gold Award, Cornwall Tourism Awards 2014/5



At Bosinver we strive constantly to give our guests a wonderful holiday experience, not just high quality accommodation but a stay that will give them magical holiday moments and create lifetime memories. All the team here are focussed in this direction and winning an award is not only a pat on the back for us all, but is recognition from an industry judging panel which endorses our reputation with guests and relevant media for future business publicity.


The application process does require time and effort, but it is a useful process as it focusses your thoughts on what you have achieved in the past few years.  We are always striving to improve our guests’ experience and it is sometimes surprising to look back and see just how many enhancements we have achieved each year. The process also enables us to look objectively at areas we might still improve on – we are never content to stand still!


The rewards from winning a Gold award (in fact two this year!) are multi-fold – firstly it is a great boost to our staff who work so hard to make Bosinver what it is. Secondly it validates our efforts in continually striving to improve our offer. Lastly it is wonderful to be recognised by the industry as one of the leading self catering providers in Cornwall, which also helps greatly with our marketing and promotion. Guests are reassured to know that their holiday provider is the best on offer and our facebook post following the awards received record numbers of likes and comments!

Feedback from the judges is invaluable – it really helps to focus future efforts. We feel particularly honoured that Bosinver were awarded Gold again for Self Catering provision given that we understand the judges were looking to encourage new entrants and would only consider previous award winners if they could demonstrate continuing investment in staff, services and marketing -  which makes our win even more significant.


Take some time to read through the application form and try to focus on answering the questions asked. Judges have a tough time sifting through the entries and they have scores for relevant answers – make their lives easier and hold their attention by keeping the marking as simple as possible. Supply supporting documents but be really strict with yourself, don’t waffle and cross reference everything in the application form so it makes looking things up as easy as possible for the judges.

Accept that you can’t be good at absolutely everything so don’t try and make it up! If you struggle with a particular section, just mention what you do well and leave it at that.

Also keep a record of what you have written, it saves you time and effort if you enter future awards as many of the core details will be the same.

Lastly, don’t be put off by the effort required – we can vouch that the euphoria of winning is certainly worth the pain of putting together a comprehensive application!   

Carbis Bay Hotel & Estate



Why did you enter the awards?

In our increasingly competitive tourism industry it is vital to ensure we stay ahead of the game. Recognition from bodies such as the South West Tourism Awards is an excellent way for us to monitor how we are being received, not to mention it being a huge boost to staff morale.

We have so much to offer and promote - in terms of our unique location and facilities including our  new spa and beach club restaurant.

How you found the process?

Although initially it may appear daunting, the application process proved to be a methodical process in analysing our business and how we are operating. 

We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our business through the written application and it was a very beneficial process, focusing on what we do best – the shortlist being partly determined by a review of our daily operation.

The rewards

Being shortlisted was a big boost, through the kudos we receive from being recognised together with additional PR and media coverage.  We are proud to emphasise the award within our own marketing activities.

We are honoured to be associated with these Awards and look forward to future events and cooperation with the aim of furthering awareness of our business and Cornwall in general.

Top tips to other businesses?

Take every opportunity to showcase your business - if you do something well, shout about it!

Your success is your responsibility.

Trethem Mill Touring Park

Gold in Camping & Caravanning Park of the Year - Cornwall Tourism awards 2014/15

Gold in Holiday Park & Village of the Year & Winner of Winners - South West awards 2012-13

Gold in Holiday/caravan/camping Park of the Year - Cornwall Tourism Awards 2012

Gold 2010 & Silver 2013 Caravan Park of the Year - EnjoyEngland


Why we enter the awards?

We are a family run business and it is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running and to maybe neglect the bigger picture. One of the main reasons we enter the awards is that it makes you sit down and really think about what you’re doing. This can be a very interesting and rewarding process. The questions are aimed at some key issues and really make you think about what you’re doing within the business and, more importantly, makes you think about what you’re not doing and how this can be rectified. It is also an excellent way of raising your business profile, which can only be a good thing.

How we found the process?

Despite being a small, seasonal business this has never deterred us from entering. To enter a good application can be fairly time consuming. Some of the questions are easier to answer than others but we find it challenging and rewarding to think about what our business has to offer. We also enjoy finding ways that we can demonstrate our commitment to the business and what we offer. The build up to the actual awards evening is exciting with lots of opportunities for social media via facebook and twitter. Robin and his team are very efficient at helping you through the process and keeping you up-to-date with things along the way. The awards ceremony is always enjoyable and provides a great chance to network.

What are the rewards?

Whatever award you win there are certainly plenty of benefits to be had, least of all the amount of free publicity that the awards generate. Being an award winner has certainly opened the doors to media coverage that we have previously been unable to access. The awards generate a lot of interest that we find continues long after the winners have been announced. Being a small business winning an award really helps to raise our profile both locally and nationally. To have an official endorsement that you can use in your advertising is a powerful marketing tool and can provide an edge over your competitors. Our guests love to see that the Park is doing well and they enjoy following our progress throughout. It is also a great morale booster for the family!

Top tips to other businesses

Don’t let the size of your business deter you from entering. Everyone has a fair chance and will be judged on their merits.

Really think about your answers and be honest. Some things may be more obvious than you think.

Give the awards a go – you’ll be amazed what you can learn about your business!